1. Early on during the development of the Rainbow Machine I decided to build a mobile version that can be deployed with nothing more than a backpack full of gear.  My goal was to have it ready for Bring to Light in addition the actual Rainbow Machine so I opted for a prototype as final product kind of style.  Which basically translates into using the breadboard and what materials I had on hand to create the final product.  Real electronics nerds would shudder at this, and I do too, but I have to say I do kinda like the look of it.  

    Its built with all the left overs from the rainbow and parts I had around the apartment: aluminum angle scrap, bolts, TLC chips and a bunch of RGB LEDs Ive had for far too long. The device was almost exclusively put together in the early morning hours and down time of the Rainbow Machines development in September.

    The final design employs a piece of hard foam clamped to the board to ensure no components or wires fall out of place.  To secure the LEDs I just ran two long lines of hot glue over their connects.  Im going to bolt a flange on the base so I can attach a 3/4” aluminum conduit to it (same as used for the frame of the machine) and really get a nice arch to it.  

    The next step after building is programming.  I have learned through strict trial and error how to change up some of the example patterns from the Arduino TLC library but this is not enough.  Hopefully in a months time I will have learned enough processing to start designing my own sketches from scratch and create some new rainbows.